The Equifax Hack: What We Learned & What You Can Do

Posted by Shruthika Kamat April 22nd, 2020. at 11:10 am

Earlier this month, consumer credit rating company Equifax notified consumers of a major theft of personally identifiable information (PII). The Equifax breach affected nearly 143 million Americans making Equifax the target of much scrutiny as analysts question their web application security. What...

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5 Signs You’re Being Phished (with Examples)

Posted by Rachel Tse July 13th, 2018. at 11:10 am

If you're not familiar with the term phishing, you might be more familiar with the Nigerian Prince Phishing email back in 2016 and its alleged perpetrator's arrest last year. Though it's dubbed "the butt of late night jokes" by the FTC, phishing in...

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A 3 Point Approach to Security Automation

Posted by Shruthika Kamat September 1st, 2017. at 11:10 am

The recent WannaCry ransomware worm hit an estimated 74 countries worldwide and affected more than 550,000 total computers – 60,000 in just its first day. And now Petya is following in Wannacry’s footsteps, exploiting the same Windows vulnerability to get...

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The Best Way to Beat a Hacker is to Think Like One

Posted by Shruthika Kamat August 22nd, 2017. at 11:10 am

In today’s threat environment, focusing on prevention alone is no longer a sufficient strategy. In 2016, there were 40% more reported incidents of data breaches compared to 2015. Experts anticipate that the number of incidents will increase further in 2017....

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The SMB’s Guide to Choosing a Managed Security Services Provider

Posted by Shruthika Kamat August 15th, 2017. at 11:10 am

You hire a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) for the same reason you hire an electronics guy to fix your phone, a mechanic to fix your car, or an accountant to do your taxes: It’s just safer and more cost-effective. Hiring an...

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