The Equifax Hack: What We Learned & What You Can Do

Posted by Shruthika Kamat April 22nd, 2020. at 10:11 am

Earlier this month, consumer credit rating company Equifax notified consumers of a major theft of personally identifiable information (PII). The Equifax breach affected nearly 143 million Americans making Equifax the target of much scrutiny as analysts question their web application security. What...

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How to Stop Worrying About Small Business Cybersecurity Challenges

Posted by Shruthika Kamat June 15th, 2018. at 10:11 am

Are you concerned about cyber-attacks threatening your small business? You are not alone. According to a recent National Small Business Association (NSBA) survey, 94% of small business owners are concerned their businesses will be the target of a cyber-attack. Their...

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A 3 Point Approach to Security Automation

Posted by Shruthika Kamat September 1st, 2017. at 10:11 am

The recent WannaCry ransomware worm hit an estimated 74 countries worldwide and affected more than 550,000 total computers – 60,000 in just its first day. And now Petya is following in Wannacry’s footsteps, exploiting the same Windows vulnerability to get...

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The Best Way to Beat a Hacker is to Think Like One

Posted by Shruthika Kamat August 22nd, 2017. at 10:11 am

In today’s threat environment, focusing on prevention alone is no longer a sufficient strategy. In 2016, there were 40% more reported incidents of data breaches compared to 2015. Experts anticipate that the number of incidents will increase further in 2017....

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