DRaaS and What Really Happens

Posted by Rachel Tse on June 15, 2018 at 1:13 PM

Disaster Recovery is essential during this time of the year. Unfortunately, hurricane season is already here and preparing for it is important. For businesses, DRaaS may be a solution that you have heard of, but what is really going on behind the scenes?

First, what is DRaaS?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows a third party provider (with the use of the cloud) to backup data and apps to secondary servers in case of negative events. Negative events mean any disaster – small to large. That can be anything from spilled coffee, brown or black outs to large storms and cyber attacks.

What’s Really Going on…

There are only really three phases, all managed by a third party provider, when it comes to DRaaS:

During Replication, data and applications are constantly being copied into the secondary server for later use. This usually happens before a disaster strikes.

Failover happens when a disaster hits and the primary server is affected. DRaaS will switch all users to the secondary servers (where all the copies of data and applications are stored). From there, users should be able to tap into those copies and continue with their day to day business operations. Meanwhile, the third party provider is repairing the primary server.

Once the primary server is repaired, Failback happens. Here users are switched back to the primary server. Everything that was done on the secondary server will be transferred back to the primary server, so users can pick up where they left off.


It may seem simple, but anything can happen during a disaster. This is where a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and consistent testing can help make the process more streamlined.

Whatever disasters may come during this hurricane season, we hope everyone and their families are safe and able to prepare for whatever may come.

This month of August, we are focusing on Disaster Recovery. Each week we’ll be putting out information to help you prepare for the storm season. Stay tuned for advice from our very own President, Mark Gigliotti, and more!


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