Stop and think for a moment of just how much you use your information technology in a regular day at your manufacturing & distribution firm. It’s not the big projects or the technology that helps run your facility, though those are important! No, it’s for the every-day little things that you need to get done in order to keep work flowing. They can build up and drag your productivity down if you’re not careful.

Financial & CPA Firms

If you’re the owner of an accounting firm, investment firm, or other financial services business, you know that money and information technology are pretty inseparable these days. After all, you don’t keep track of your clients’ important finances and other information with a handwritten ledger anymore.

XenWinGo’s complete hosted service makes it easy to take advantage of the most innovative technologies to better serve your clients without breaking the bank.

Nonprofit Agencies

Nonprofits need the same kind of technology advantages as any other business – in fact, they need them more. Why? Because you’ve got to do more work for less money and with a tighter budget. Your technology can make all the difference to staying not only afloat, but successfully pursuing your mission without worrying about the logistics of getting work done.

Healthcare & Medical Organizations

Healthcare organizations have to be very careful with their use of information technology these days. You have patients to protect and regulations to comply with, but you also need to use the right technology to promote productivity and efficiency in your office. It can be tough to balance.

XenWinGo’s complete hosted service is designed to provide everything your healthcare organization needs from information technology.