Access QuickBooks Anytime, Anywhere, With XenWinGo, Your Intuit Authorized Hosting Company

QuickBooks is relied upon by businesses all across the country to manage and maintain financials, and with good reason. It’s easy to use, it’s extremely capable with lots of different functions, and it allows easy exporting of financial data for when you need to create invoices or share records.

Now QuickBooks is a whole lot easier to take advantage of, thanks to the Intuit Hosting Program. XenWinGo is authorized by Intuit to host fully cloud-based versions of QuickBooks for our clients. That means we host the application and we handle the backend management – you just log in online and use it.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access – Our hosted QuickBooks application is easily accessed from the cloud using your web browser. Whether you use it in the office, at home, or on the go, it’s the same application with the same data easily available whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Protect Your Business – We ensure the security of your data in our QuickBooks service, using the highest levels of encryption, password-protected connections, and automated off-site backup to prevent data loss.
  • Save on Technology Hassles – Don’t worry about managing the technology; we take care of it all. No server costs, no maintenance, no updates or upgrades to apply – all you have to do is log in.

XenWinGo has been authorized directly by Intuit to make accessing QuickBooks easy for you. Let’s talk about how you can save money and time by switching to a hosted QuickBooks solution. Call us at (888) 393-6565 today.

Easy and Compliant Software License Management

Concerned about high licensing fees for your office? Worried about complying with regulations like FISMA or FINRA? Don’t sweat it. XenWinGo has you covered.

  • If you’re already licensed for QuickBooks, you can bring your existing license to us, and we’ll move you over easily to the hosted program.
  • If you’re not currently licensed, we can help you get the best deal for a QuickBooks license from our Intuit partners.
  • Our hosted program is built with regulatory compliance in mind, automating tasks and ensuring you can’t accidentally leak information that should be confidential. Plus, we never see your confidential information ourselves, even though we host your application. It’s all encrypted for your eyes only.

Easy Updates & Maintenance

If you’re running QuickBooks yourself, you know how frustrating it is to find out that your copy of the program has become obsolete in only a year or two. New versions and updates roll out so quickly! If you need someone to handle all the back-end, look no further.

  • If you choose, our hosted service can automatically implement updates and patches without you having to worry about it, so security and functionality is always maintained.
  • We keep our eyes on new versions of QuickBooks as they’re released to check for functionality for our clients, so we can advise you on when it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Intuit-Authorized Technical Support

Sometimes, programs develop bugs. No matter how good the technology is, you can’t anticipate every problem that might arise. That’s what tech support is for. But you’ve probably had bad experiences trying to get support directly from a product manufacturer before. XenWinGo takes care of that for you.

  • Support for QuickBooks is part of the XenWinGo system, so contact us anytime for help, by phone or email.
  • We’ve streamlined the support process for QuickBooks so you don’t have to suffer through long wait times to start dealing with your issue.
  • We’re an authorized host, so we have access to Intuit’s direct technical support agents for any help that we need in resolving your issue.

We want to know what YOU’RE looking for from your technology. XenWinGo is ready to adapt to meet your needs and show you how easy IT can be, anytime, anywhere.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (888) 393-6565 or info@Xenwingo.com to learn more about our hosted services, and to get a no-obligation review of your systems with access to our demo system. See for yourself what’s in store.