Nonprofits need the same kind of technology advantages as any other business – in fact, they need them more. Why? Because you’ve got to do more work for less money and with a tighter budget. Your technology can make all the difference to staying not only afloat, but successfully pursuing your mission without worrying about the logistics of getting work done.

  • Cloud-based, streamlined systems can be easily accessed via the Internet on multiple devices and in any location, so you can share files and applications with all your team members no matter where they’re working. Access your donor lists and records while you’re canvassing, and pare your technology down to just the services that YOU need (so you don’t have to pay for anything more!).
  • Guidance and planning for your technology investments to ensure that you’re using the right systems for your needs. We’ll work with you to determine what you need your technology to do and then present the best options that fit your budget, so you can take advantage of innovative technology without a huge price tag.
  • Easy and simple communications and collaboration tools that you can take advantage of to share work remotely with team members in any location. Collaborate with branches of your organization in any city, share your files, and work from a single central hub that everyone can access to work together as if you were sharing an office.

This isn’t all just theoretical. Let’s talk about how it can benefit YOUR manufacturing firm specifically. Call us at (888) 393-6565 today.

Strategy and Planning to Leverage the Best Technology for Your Needs

Our system is remarkably flexible and customizable, and that means we can tailor a XenWinGo solution to match YOUR unique needs. How do we do it? By discussing your operations, practices, and goals, and giving you options to choose from.

  • IT Consulting
    We help you plan for the future of your business’ technology, making sure our system is meeting your unique needs and fitting within your budget. We’re here for the long haul with you, and maintain open communications so you can count on our system every day.
  • Cloud Consulting
    Lots of people say how great the cloud is for any business, but has anyone talked to you about HOW to use it effectively? We’ll discuss remote work sharing, communication strategies using cloud-based services like file sharing and VoIP phones, and strategies to ensure easy collaboration on projects and open workflow.
  • Easily Customized User Access
    You control who can access what information with our system. It’s easy to share files with team members and partners no matter where they are, and you can control how much access you grant to anyone, so you can maintain confidentiality and security on any sensitive files.

Proactive Support to Keep You Productive and On Task

A lot of people end up looking at technology like a necessary evil. Why? Because they end up wasting so much time fighting with it. That’s why we’re focused on proactive support to stop problems before they start, so you can focus on getting work done and not fighting with the computer.

  • Problems Stopped Before They Start
    The XenWinGo system is designed with all the solutions we’ve ever developed for every business we work with. Every time we solve an IT issue that arises for one client, we apply that solution to everyone’s system, so you reap the benefits without the problems.
  • Helpful and Reliable Support
    Our system is built to accommodate your daily operations, automating as many as possible and improving productivity and efficiency. Part of that includes reliable and prompt support service. We’re always available to answer any questions you have about using the system or to troubleshoot any issues you’re experiencing.

We want to know what YOUR manufacturing firm is looking for from your technology. XenWinGo is ready to adapt to meet your needs and show you how easy IT can be, anytime, anywhere.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (888) 393-6565 or info@Xenwingo.com to learn more about our hosted services, and to get a no-obligation review of your systems with access to our demo system. See for yourself what’s in store.