Software Hosting Services

Leverage High-End Applications Without Outrageous Licensing Fees

Have you ever looked at an ad for a high-end piece of business software and lovingly touched the screen, murmuring to yourself, “If only…”? Okay, that might be a little melodramatic, but a lot of business owners look at business software they’d love to leverage and see only the huge price tag that comes with it.

Testing & Development Environments

Coding Test & Development Environments – Move the Heavy Lifting to the Cloud So You Can Focus on the Important Work

Developing and testing new applications can be consuming work. It’s not just about the time and effort you have to put into the project (as if that’s not enough!), but it’s all the power and space requirements you have to devote to a coding effort that can sometimes feel bulky and slow.

Take the weight off by moving your coding project to the cloud!

Intuit Authorized Hosting Partner

Now QuickBooks is a whole lot easier to take advantage of, thanks to the Intuit Hosting Program. XenWinGo is authorized by Intuit to host fully cloud-based versions of QuickBooks for our clients. That means we host the application, we handle the backend management, and we deal with the licensing – you just log in online and use it.

DaaS with Virtual Desktop

How many applications do you use every day on your work computer? What about your laptop? Do you have to open up your web browser, your email, your Office programs, QuickBooks, an instant message program… the list could go on. How packed is your computer?