Coding Test & Development Environments – Move the Heavy Lifting to the Cloud So You Can Focus on the Important Work

Developing and testing new applications can be consuming work. It’s not just about the time and effort you have to put into the project (as if that’s not enough!), but it’s all the power and space requirements you have to devote to a coding effort that can sometimes feel bulky and slow.

Take the weight off by moving your coding project to the cloud!

XenWinGo offers cloudspace for testing and development of coding projects. We know firsthand how costly it can be to create and manage an environment of your own that can handle all the processing work you’ll require for your project. That’s why we’ve provided a space that makes it easy to do everything you need for your project, whether it’s just to test it before full production, or to build it from the ground up.

  • Avoid capital expenses while developing your code by leveraging our cloud space to do the processing work for you. You avoid eating up processing and power resources from your own systems.
  • Get easy access to the development environment through our mobile cloud platform. Promote better collaboration on the project and let everyone work on the device they feel most comfortable on.
  • Leverage quick and easy migration of your projects between development, testing, and production. Our tools make it easy to go back and forth between steps without worrying about wasting time or eating up resources.

XenWinGo’s testing and development environments are yours to leverage when you want to just focus on the work and not all the backend requirements. Do you have a project you’d like to have us host space for? Give us a call at (888) 393-6565 today to talk about how we can make it easy for you.


  • Pay one flat-rate monthly fee for access to a test and development bed for your project.
  • No extra costs for server power, no frustration over storage space requirements, and no setup hassles.
  • Flexible options for the size and scope of your development and testing environment, so you get the tools and space you need to work on your project without exorbitant costs.
  • Move your capital expenses to predictable operating expenses, so it’s easy to budget for your project without worrying about unexpected extra fees.


  • User-friendly interfaces designed to meet YOUR needs and standards.
  • On-demand and easy access from a variety of devices, making it easy for your team to collaborate on the project using the devices they are comfortable with.
  • Simple migration to help you move your development environments into the cloud when you’re changing phases in the project.
  • Free up your personal resources to be focused on your daily operations, rather than slowing down to accommodate a bulky coding project.
  • Easy control and management of your environment, so you can determine the amount of access anyone has while maintaining the security and guidelines you need.

We want to know what YOU’RE looking for from your technology. XenWinGo is ready to adapt to meet your needs and show you how easy IT can be, anytime, anywhere.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (888) 393-6565 or info@Xenwingo.com to learn more about our hosted services, and to get a no-obligation review of your systems with access to our demo system. See for yourself what’s in store.